Beware! Borrowing money can cost a lot of money.

Borrowing money can cost money. We all know that borrowing money can cost money. But borrowing money can cost a lot of money, unfortunately several consumers had to experience it firsthand. Some people, especially entrepreneurs, have paid thousands of Euros for taking out a loan, without ever getting 1 cent. Borrowing money can cost a […]

Revolving credit – All information and Direct Request!

Are you considering taking out a revolving credit? Or do you want to know more about this loan? Then you will find more information about this on this page. Revolving credit With a revolving credit you borrow a maximum amount. You decide when and how much money you always withdraw. You will find all relevant […]

Cash Advance Online

There are three different definitions for the term cash advance. Banks use it differently in communicating with clients, who in turn have a completely different idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type of loan. The cash advance in the banking language In the Bank, a cash advance means a line of credit that the owner as well as […]

Payday loan providers

With which provider take out a payday loan? If you decide to take out a mini-loan, you naturally want to know which mini-loan providers are operational in the Netherlands. Once you know this, you can compare the mini-loan providers to take out the cheapest mini-loan. In the Netherlands there are not so many mini-loan providers […]

Credit check – that’s how it works & you have to know that

In Germany, all companies that want to enter into a contract with a customer, carry out a credit check. The credit check gives the company a security regarding the payment behavior of the customer. The credit rating is summarized in a score that includes many different characteristics of the customer. Basically, it can be said […]